…and what is so special about this particular site anyhow?

As an avid Eve-Online player, I was looking for a guide on how to actually make good ISK – like Billions. A lot promise it, but the methods are all outdated or actually require you to be sitting in front of your computer all night. I prefer to make my ISK in less than an hour each day so that I can actually play the game with my friends. An hour minimum will net you 100 million per day (a little over 700 million ISK a week). I’m currently making 1.5 Billion a week, it pays for my Omega character every month.

Buy your Plex and Skill Injector Kits with under an hours work a day!

This site assumes that you have at least one character, and also assumes you are making the ISK solo. If this isn’t the case and you have access to more characters, or even friends to help – you’ll make your first Billion quicker. This site shows any new or seasoned player (Alpha or Omega) how to make billions of ISK.

In our guides, you can start as an alpha character or jump right in with a seasoned Omega character. The guides are all broken down to match your characters current skills and skill points.

We have the most up-to-date methods on making ISK, and they are all broken down into steps, so you can go from your first 5,000 ISK to your first Billion. Because the content and methods always change, and we have set this up as a Members only site, this also ensures that the methods you are using are not being abused by the entire Eve player base.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in-game, I often play as “Kladskull Valdara”. Our corporation “The Grim Council” is also looking for more members.